Good Morning, Killer

Special Agent Grey is working on a kidnapping case—a fifteen-year-old named Juliana has been abducted in Santa Monica. Grey’s counterpart in the Santa Monica Police Department is Detective Andrew Berringer. They’ve worked together before—and they’ve been more than just working together ever since.

It’s Ana’s job “to know the victim as if she were my own flesh and blood.” But when Juliana turns up—traumatized into a state of total and paralyzing terror—it becomes clear that Ana has gone too far: she is viewing her own life from the perspective of Juliana’s blasted emotional terrain. And in a moment of passion (Andrew has betrayed her) and panic (is it possible that he also means to harm her?) Ana points a gun at him and shoots. Now she is both criminal investigator and criminal as she breaks her bail agreement to continue tracking the abductor, torn between her powerful emotional connection with Juliana and the fraying connection she has to her own common sense and to the truths she knows about Andrew—and about herself.

GOOD MORNING, KILLER was part of a lmited series called Tuesday Night Mystery on TNT. It stars Catherine Bell, Titus Welliver (who now plays Bosch), Cole Hauser and James Jordan. It was shot on location in Vancouver, BC and aired in Sweden, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

FBI Special Agent Ana Grey hunts for a violent sexual predator. As Ana develops a rappport with the kidnapper's latest victim, the suspect suddenly changes his pattern. Now Ana must race to find him before he abducts another victim.

"Although Ana is not your conventional heroine, with her unbridled passions and addiction to ''the pure oxygen of risk, of going over the edge,'' it's hard to peel your eyes from her -- especially when she persists in pursuing Juliana's attacker while standing trial for attempted murder. A risk taker herself, Smith writes in the forceful style of a true literary maverick, someone who has earned the right to break a few rules." —New York Times

In 2011, Good Morning Killer went onto become an Original TV movie for TNT's Mystery Movie Night starring Catherine Bell. With the teleplay written by April Smith, she is also credited as Executive Producer of the TV thriller.